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Visual Job Hire APP

USE Instructions  -“Visual Job Hire APP

Detail Roles & Process:


Job Candidate – Self Video Record – Questionnaire with Evaluator smartphone!


Evaluator (Company)

Extract and Analyze EMOTIONs to responses & Score “Best Candidate Index.

SCORE based on Checkpoints

Evaluator (Company)

Review RESULTS, adjust perceptions & make up your mind!

(Printscreen each question Interpretation to maintain a Candidate permanent PDF file)

Visual SciTech Eye

* Job Candidates can rehearse Job Interviews using “Visual Job Hire” APP, use it as “Job Interview Simulator”.

The best way to improve performance is by understanding your feelings that reflect thoughts!

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Visual SciTech Philosophy

ACT – Diagnose

Diagnose the Selection of a Job Candidate, understand the value and cost of a good & bad employee.

THINK – Interpret

 Interpret the EMOTIONS behind question responses and Lying Checkpoints. Validate weak points!

SOLVE – Results

Evaluate RESULTS, adjust your perceptions and make up your mind, regarding the “Best Candidate”.

Visual Job Hire APP

Visual SciTech has developed a unique “Human Analytics”

State-of-the-Art APP.

Visual Job Hire” extracts microexpressions from a Video every four hundreds of a second. Diagnose a “Candidate” self-video recording Job Interview, the first question is soft, to define a baseline and the remaining seven are related to each of the three hiring categories (Sales, Admin/Finance & High-Risk Jobs).

The Interpretation module allows the “Evaluator” to score the interview and gives valuable information related to 6 possible Emotions (Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust & Fear) generated for each question response, plus “Blink and Attention” graphs to analyze the “Best Candidate” for a position.

Evaluate and score if a candidate is Lying by reviewing detail Checkpoints related to Face & Eye expressions, Verbal responses, body language by applying professional interrogation techniques.

Finally Evaluate the Session Results, clarify and adjust your perceptions and make up your mind!

Detail knowledge on “Personnel Selection & Hiring” is available based on our Visual SciTech philosophy to “Act (Diagnose), Think (Interpret) and Solve (Result)” situations and make the right hiring decisions!

Job Interview – Visual Hire

Personnel Hiring - Risk Factors Survey

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