Job Interview Simulator

Job Interview Simulator with Visual Job Hire APP

Job Interview Simulator with Visual Job Hire APP   One of the most decisive moments when it comes to getting a job is the job interview. First of all, you must be natural, but that does not mean there is room for improvisation. You have a single opportunity to show that you are the best […]

Visual Job Hire APP

Microexpressions Analysis – Visual SciTech Methodology

Microexpressions Analysis A micro-expression is the natural result of a voluntary or involuntary emotional response to stimuli. Microexpressions occur when the amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and responds to the stimuli felt by the individual and that the last wishes to hide this specific emotion.     Emotions Universality Are the facial expressions [...]
Lying Tests Hints

Lying Test Hints

Lying Test Hints Video Reserve Rights by Visual SciTech a division of Corporate O The lying Detector Test used by "VIsual Job Hire" is a compilation of elements that we call "Checkpoints" that record the body and verbal reactions of a person when is interrogated and through a detailed observation can be detected if they [...]
Questions in the Job Interview

Questions in the Job Interview

Questions in the Job Interview Questions in the Job Interview On the day of the interview, in addition to preparing the questions for the second & third job interviews you have to take into account a series of recommendations. Be confident. Speak confidently of your experiences, achievements, and studies. You have nothing to fear. If [...]
Hire a Babysitter

Hire a Babysitter – High Risk Jobs

High-risk jobs – Hire a Babysitter (Nanny) Protect your kid by Hire the correct Babysitter! Sooner or later the time will come when you will have to return to work and leave your child care of another person. As much as you prepare for that moment, it is likely that you are never entirely ready […]

Use Instructions – Press Kit

Job Interview – Visual Hire – Sample Process Diagnose, Interpretation & Buy Sessions Main Menu Options Select Diagnose option so “Candidate Self Video Record” a set of 8 Questions in the Evaluator smartphone. The first question is used as a baseline to compare Emotions and the remaining 7 in the 3 Job categories (Sales, Admin/Finance & High-Risk Jobs). Reprocess: […]

Scoring System to select Best Candidate

Why use a Scoring System to select the Best Candidate?

Scoring System to select Best Candidate   Use a Scoring system to select Best Candidate ‘Gut Feeling’ is used a lot in the world of Candidates Selection and Recruitment. Experts say they have the feeling when a candidate is a good option. We all listen to our instincts. However, potential problems are depending only on […]

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ACT posts summary

The First thing to solve a problem is to ACT and Diagnose the situation   The Perfect Job Candidate What to do and don´t in a moment of the interview The moment has come. you find yourself before the person or persons on whom it depends to rent you or not and you play the […]

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Human Assets – Phases of the hiring process

Human Assets Phases of the hiring process Human Assets Phases of the Hiring Process First of all, Visual SciTech as the leader in the application of State of the Art – Visual Intelligence algorithms into unexpensive APPs like “Visual Job Hire” detects Human Emotions related to Video Recorded Interviews. Candidates reveal reactions and open unique […]

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