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High-risk jobs – Hire a Babysitter (Nanny)

Protect your kid by Hire the correct Babysitter!

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Sooner or later the time will come when you will have to return to work and leave your child care of another person. As much as you prepare for that moment, it is likely that you are never entirely ready to move your baby in charge of someone.

It does not matter how much you’ve thought about it or how many times you’ve thought about the advantages of your child starting to interact with other people; it’s normal for you to experience a bit of apprehension and fear at the idea of entrusting your child to someone.

It is imperative that you choose a good nanny, that transmits security and who can trust.

Seven essential aspects that you should look for in your child’s nanny

Visual SciTech Eye0. Evaluate Nanny emotions & feelings toward her work (your baby).

Diagnose a “Babysitter” self-video recording Job Interview, the first question is soft. To define a baseline and the remaining seven are related to a High-Risk Job-like been a Babysitter!

The Interpretation module allows “Parents” to score the interview and gives valuable information related to six possible Emotions (Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust & Fear) generated for each question response, plus “Blink and Attention” graphs to analyze the “Best -Babysitter – Candidate” for a position.

Evaluate and score if a “Babysitter” is Lying by reviewing detail Checkpoints related to Face & Eye expressions, Verbal responses, body language by applying professional interrogation techniques.

Finally Evaluate the Session Results, clarify and adjust your perceptions and make up your mind!


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1. Make sure you have an excellent physical presence.

First of all, a Babysitter appearance says a lot about a person, reveals above all their habits and customs. Therefore, it is essential that the nanny you choose to watch over your child takes care of their dress, worries about showing a pleasant appearance.

What is even more important, that they have good hygiene since they will be in direct contact with you. Small.

Visual SciTech Eye2. Find out if you Nanny are motivated by work.

At present many people decide to take care of a child as an alternative to the labor crisis, they do so because they have no choice. However, being a nanny is not a job that any person can assume since beyond the experience requires patience.

Preparation and above all, feel a special affection for children. Make sure by analyzing the Babysitter Candidate Emotions, that the Nanny you choose to take care of your child worries about their welfare, beyond what they will earn.

Visual SciTech Eye3. Assess the level of responsibility thru Emotions evaluation!

Caring for a child is not a game, it is a task that involves great responsibility, and it is critical that the nanny is aware of it. When it comes to the care of the little ones, any precaution is little since it is enough to cause an accident carelessly. It is essential that the person you choose to understand the responsibility that you face.

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A degree in early childhood education is a detail that can tip the balance in favor of a nanny. But it is not always a guarantee because there can also be young nannies with great ability to care for children and also older people who are not qualified. They have no practice.

Age and the titles presented by the nanny are important. Ask her for references that prove that she is not the first child under her care.

Visual SciTech Eye5. Make sure you will follow the educational guidelines of the home

In the interview with the babysitter, it is crucial that you investigate the educational directions of the nanny. Ask him about punishments, limits, what standards are appropriate according to his criteria.

It is also essential that you ask how you plan to organize and manage time. The child since a good caregiver is one who spends quality time with the child and encourages their development.

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One of the crucial aspects when choosing a nanny is the relationship you establish with your child and their level of insight. If from the first moment the child is fearful and withdrawn and the nanny fails to break that barrier but sharpens it.

You’d better look for someone else. Another key element is, if your kid is open, cheerful and spontaneous with the nanny, he is probably the right person.

Visual SciTech Eye7. Finally, follow your instinct and link it to Visual Job Hire results

When you see how the caregiver interacts with your child, follow your intuition as this rarely fails. If you do not trust that person, if you have too many doubts or if it does not make you feel calm. It is better that you continue searching until you find the right nanny.

Visual Job Hire a Babysitter – High-Risk Jobs

Session Questions:

Tell us about your favorite movie? (soft)

Why do you want to work here?

Tell us about the worst boss you ever had?

Why should we hire you?

How do you feel about drug and polygraph tests?

Why do you want to leave your current job?

How do you think your coworkers would describe you, both good and bad?

Have you ever been fired? Explain the circumstances.

Finding and selecting a nanny is not an easy task. After a long period of searching, you have finally managed to choose the perfect caregiver for your children. But what should you do to hire a nanny and have all the papers in order? Where to start? If you want to avoid surprises and possible sanctions from Social Security, take note of these useful tips!

1. Make a good selection before hiring a nanny
2. Request the necessary documents to hire a nanny
3. Write the contract, put everything in writing
4. Establish a trial period when hiring a nanny

In this practical guide, we explain step by step what you should do and all the necessary administrative procedures. Follow these recommendations whether it is the first time you hire a caregiver or if you need to regularize your nanny’s contract in Social Security.

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Make a good selection before hiring a nanny

Take your time when choosing a good caregiver for your children. Make an exhaustive selection process by interviewing only the best candidates. Almost all On online platforms, you can find nannies on demand. 71% have references, and 78% have more than two years of experience, which will significantly facilitate the search.

Before making a final decision and hiring a nanny, check your references. Call your previous employers and make sure you have the right experience. Follow our tips on how to find and select a nanny with total confidence.

As a main rule, we recommend that you ask for the following documents when interviewing a nanny. You will have more information to make the right decision. Finding a caregiver, without making mistakes, will be easier if you have:

Curriculum vitae of the candidates.

Work life report: it is the only official document where you can check where and for how long the caregiver has discharge. It is a sure way to test your experience.
Letters of recommendation from previous employers to check their references.
Titles that accredit their training.

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Request the necessary documents to hire a nanny

Probably once you have chosen the right caregiver for your children, it is time to complete the administrative procedures. We know that many parents may feel overwhelmed by these efforts. Do not worry; the process is more straightforward than it seems.

You should ask the babysitter for all the necessary documentation to make the contract. Always request the original documents, not photocopies to collate them.

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Write the contract, put everything in writing

How to write the contract? What clauses should it include? If you want to avoid possible misunderstandings when hiring a nanny, try to make the document as detailed as possible.

The employment contract formalizes the contract and details the working conditions of the caregiver of your children. Therefore, the document should be written without haste. Do not leave any loose ends!

I´ve honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting. Anne Hathaway

I was babysitting the night High School Musical premiered last year.  I watched with the kids and we sang along to the lyrics. I was making $12 an hour. Monique Coleman

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