Hire friends and family?

Hire friends and family

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Is it a good idea to hire friends and family for your company?


Visual Job Hire analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of this practice. It is common in small and medium-sized companies that start, although it does not always go as you expect.


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There are millions of family businesses in the world that generate between 75% and 85% of employment, according to statistical data. Therefore, working with the family is very common, as well as incorporating friends or acquaintances.

Not in vain, more than 80% of the jobs are covered through personal contacts, without carrying out selection processes.

However, this common practice has positive and negative aspects that you should value:


Hire friends and family

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Knowledge of the value of the person: if you know or have worked with that person and there has always been a good relationship with him, if transfer within the scope of the company, the results will be positive.

Greater involvement: if the friend or relative cares about our project, he will have this extra motivation to face the tasks entrusted to him.

The possibility of requesting additional efforts: in moments of special difficulty, if the relationship is good, the worker will make an effort to get ahead.

Accelerates adaptation to the position and reduces the learning curve and you have direct and sincere information about the work environment.


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On the contrary, the following situations can occur:

Excess confidence: familiarity or friendship can lead to an excessively casual relationship, which is why the work environment is needed. Thus, there is a risk of receiving wrong answers or having more difficulties than usual for the person to follow specific guidelines.

Fear of commenting on certain aspects: to avoid disputes or problems with that person with whom there is a good relationship, you can choose not to deal with elements that have a high impact on the company. The labor problems quickly derive to the personal plane.

The result is a loss of competitiveness and the risk of creating a problem that could be solved if it approaches at the right time. It is difficult to impose the respect and discipline that sometimes are needed.



The difficulty of firing in case of low performance: when hiring someone close to you, implicitly, a specific commitment to it is collected. Therefore, even if the result of your work is not optimal, it will cost more to get rid of it. The rest of the employees can feel that you favor your acquaintances.

A mix of family and work life: it is inevitable that certain situations happen at work affect the family later. Especially if there has been some disagreement or opposing opinions, these disagreements will move beyond the labor context. There may be conflicts of interest between work and family/friends.

To avoid that you end up regretting having hired a family member or friend. Experts in human resources recommend following several tips. First, verify that the candidate’s profile fits what you are looking for.

At least that you will have the ability to train/retrain to do that job. Secondly, submit it to the same selection process as the other candidates so that it does not receive favorable treatment before the others.


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When making the final decision, leave aside the feelings and choose the best candidate based on objective reasons. And if a family member or friend finally joins your company. Define from the beginning where the trust ends, and the work begins.

Treat it like the others and try not to take the work beyond the doors of the business. Both of you will appreciate it!

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Hiring Personel Guide for the entrepreneur


The start of business is tough. The entrepreneur advances with uncertainty about the future of the company and, among other difficulties. Has to face the construction of a team. In this case, given that the selection processes can be lengthy and costly.

You choose to hire family members, friends or acquaintances in whom you trust. Such a strategy result can be positive or negative for the entrepreneur based on the Selection and Hiring process.


When to hire a relative or acquaintance?


We can conclude that there is no complete certainty about the convenience of working with a relative or acquaintance in the same way that when incorporating someone unknown.

There is uncertainty about their performance. In general, but, it is possible to affirm that the hiring of this next relative of a friend can effectively separate work and personal life.


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Would you hire a family member or a friend in your company?


Probably the majority answer is yes because nepotism is a frequent practice in some countries.

Some companies never publish ads when there is a vacancy. Because they usually use the contacts of the employees themselves to cover it. And others that only hire services that come from friends and acquaintances.



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Hire friends and family: a possible mistake


And it is that this type of practices can become a tremendous error, for reasons like these:

Being a friend or relative, you will not go through the same selection process that you would submit to a stranger. So you may be opting for a position for which you are not qualified at all. If a person who is not known requires a series of requirements, why not do it with an acquaintance?

The position is the same, and your company needs to meet the same objectives, regardless of the personal relationship you may have.

It is more challenging to define responsibilities and tasks when it comes to friends and family when there is trust between the two persons.

There is a tendency to take many things for granted, something that would never happen if they are not known.

Problems of authority and overconfidence are likely to arise. It’s hard to take someone seriously with anyone who drinks every weekend or with whom you’ve played football since you were little. And that will irremediably affect your image before your clients and before the rest of your collaborators.

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It is easier for you to claim more rights and benefits than someone stranger. And it will be harder for you to deny them. Because of the consequences that can bring that not out of work.

It is more complicated to evaluate the performance of a worker or a collaborator. If there is a previous personal relationship. When judging the work of an acquaintance, the balance not only puts the benefit of the company but also that of the relationship. And the second one usually has more weight.

Dismissing or sanctioning an employee or collaborator who is a friend or relative is an almost impossible mission. Because the personal relationship is going to resent yes or yes, and in many cases not only that relationship will sofer but all the derivatives of it.

If you have to fire your family member or a friend, it will not only upset your family or your group of friends.


Expose your business to the scrutiny of your relationships because no matter how discreet the other person is.

The end they will end up filtering details of your company that you do not want your family or friends to know. And vice versa, intimacies of that friend or relative will filter to the employees. In both cases, it can be a problem.

If you think that the person is going to be more involved in your business because you have a personal relationship, you may be wrong. It’s your business, not yours.

It is true that there are people who will, but not because they are your family or your friend, but because they are responsible and workers in and of themselves.

If you are wrong with the person or with the company, you can see your image and your company damaged. If you do not perform your job correctly or the project does not develop as it should.

Your clients will not take into account that it is an acquaintance. They will get angry the same way or more.

And if you think that when hiring or giving a project to a family member or a friend. You will have a favor to charge in the future, become disgusted.

These types of favors will not account later.

These are some of the measures that you should take into account if you want to hire family or friends:

Make sure that you are qualified to perform the job. Carry out the project you want to entrust to them.

If you think you can do it, let them go through the same selection filter that you would use with a stranger. I advise you select another person to execute the selection, negotiation and hiring process.


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It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family. Philip Green

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met. William Butler Yeats

True friends stab you in the front. Oscar Wilde


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