How to act if you are going to be fired.

How to act if you are going to be fired.

How to act if you are going to be fired.

Before a possible dismissal, you can act in many ways, but in no case can you allow fear to invade you. Take control of the situation to be able to carry out actions that will enable to anticipate and adapt to the situation.

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How to act if you are going to be fired.


It is crucial to act in the right way to try to recover the confidence of the boss or get recommendations and contacts for future work. You may also be interested: How to know if you are going to be fired.

The first and fundamental thing is to know the chances that you may be fired and if the situation is reversible to know which way to go. There are situations in which it is obvious, but sometimes they are just rumors that must be contrasted. The most direct way to know your status is to speak directly with the source or the boss.



If the decision seems firm, little can be done to change it. Although you can try to protect your interests.  Establishing alliances with people who can help you positively in the exit negotiations.

You can also use these alliances to try to counteract the situation, through the people with more power of decision or influence over the boss. Many times, the problem appears when the rumor spreads and many colleagues turn their backs due to the contagious effect.


Talk to your manager

Talking with your superior is very important to confirm the suspicions and try to change the situation since you can point out your mistakes. Be able to react to solve them and keep the job. If it is a firm decision. You can clarify your situation so that you can act and adapt to the new position.


Look for a job

When the situation is irreversible, or you do not want to keep your post. You should start looking for work immediately. Without forgetting the obligations, you still have in the company.

You can start looking in the office, although it should be done with some discretion since it can accelerate and complicate the dismissal. This is a significant step to overcome the fear of an uncertain future and begin to place the batteries.

How to look for employment through the Internet and how to look for work creatively.


Leave a mark

When you know you are going to be fired, it is time to give your best. Make the responsible person repent of the decision and stay in the position. Even if it is not, you can get a good recommendation or better conditions in the possible dismissal; it’s time to leave your mark.

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Do you think your boss is inviting you to leave?

To get rid of doubts, we have collected indications that indicate that you are going to be fired. And sometimes our intuition is worth more than any office rumor.

The times we live are especially delicate! There are many workers who are afraid regularly of losing their job since being without work is a most unpleasant experience.

And not only for staying out of the labor market, family and economic damages that can cause us are also important.

What is the appropriate dismissal and how many types are there:

We can know, by instinct, if our boss is “inviting” us to leave, but there are times when it is only paranoia.

If you want to know what they are, take a look at this list.

Everything in writing

One of the first signs that show your boss is going to say goodbye is that he puts everything in writing, to the point that the communication between the two can be ridiculous.

And this implies that it is possible to put a copy in the emails to half the office, only so that they are aware of what you do.

What you are doing is collecting information for HR. If you have to deal with this, be sure to answer professionally to every one of the e-mails. Without losing your nerves, and making it clear that you are an exemplary employee.


Paranoia: Occasionally, bosses use company mail to communicate with their employees. While others use it to send messages from time to time and know that they have everything under control, if you have not detected a change in frequency or tone in the texts, you may be empathizing.

Lack of work

You have gone from being a key person in a project to being someone in the background, or worse, you have been removed from it.

When your boss begins to reassign your work to other employees without giving you a reasonable and clear explanation. It may be a sign that your department is preparing for your dismissal.

In this case, you should ask your superiors constructively what it is that has made them change their mind with you.

Paranoia: It’s true that if you take responsibility for a project. It does not look good but, sometimes, it makes sense in the long term.

Maybe your boss needs you in another more important topic and needs to take away work so that you focus on what needs you.

Improvement plan

Generally, that they put you in the “improvement plan” of an organization is not good news. In most companies, this means that your dismissal is inevitable. But your boss needs to document it correctly before casting you.

We recommend you take it easy and send résumés. So, when Day D arrives, you’ll be ready.

Paranoia: Some companies use these improvement plans to move people from one position to another because they think they are essential for the company. That is the previous post they were not giving their best.

Your peers act weird.

One of the signals that indicate that you are going to be fired is the way your classmate’s act. Rumors, gossip behind your back. All evidence the inevitable. It’s horrible that the rest of the company knows, before you, that you’re going to be fired. But sometimes the bosses are that inconsiderate.

So if your colleagues or clients start acting strangely in front of you. You can improve your LinkedIn and send your CV to another organization.

Paranoia: People are gossip by nature, and they love it. If you have had a personal problem and have found out, they are probably talking about that situation and not about being fired.

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