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The job interview is the most critical step you will face when it comes to finding a job.

All the previous steps in the process of job search (resume, cover letter) are the only objective of getting to a personal interview, so if you get it do not miss it!

We recommend to rehearse with the Visual Job Hire – APP (Android) a full interview to prepare each step well, that will master the situation at all times so that you can be calm and confident about yourself.

On this website we offer tips and recommendations on everything there is, and that there is not, to do in the job interview.

Before going to a job interview, it is highly recommended that you prepare well. You always have to convey a sense of security and confidence, and for this, it is best to keep the situation under control, being sure of what is done.

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1.- Prepare for the interview

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2.- Types of interview

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3.- How to do a perfect job interview

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4.- The References

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5.- Non-verbal language in job interviews.

The Interview flow: Tips

The moment has come. You find yourself before the person or persons on whom it depends to hire you or not and you play the possible job in a single job interview.

Do not miss the opportunity! Rehearsal is the key, and the Visual Job Hire APP is the perfect tool to improve and get to know you better!

Prepare your Answers

Each interviewer has its way of knowing the aspirants, methods, and strategies to find out each one’s identity and choose the best one for the position. However, from our APP and website, we can also offer a guide with questions that are asked more often, and that can serve as guidance.

What are you going to ask me?

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1.- Prepare the job interview

Find out everything you can about the company before going to the appointment.

Study your skills, your experience, and your education. Find out what your forts are and exploit them.

Take the curriculum and know it correctly, since they will be based on it to ask you.

Create a list of your weak points and prepare solid arguments to defend them.

Confirm your assistance!

Check your appearance It is convenient that you avoid wearing flashy clothes; It is always advisable to go well dressed, clean and shaved.

Introduce yourself in the interview alone, without company.

Arrive soon, about ten minutes before. Punctuality is a good sign.

Prepare the interview.

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2.- Types of Interviews

The most common job interview is usually carried out between the applicant, the person seeking employment, and a representative of the company offering the job, through a series of questions and answers. It is what is known as an individual interview. However, it is not the only type that practiced.

Increasingly, companies are betting on other types of meetings that help them to know more and better the capabilities of the applicants. Learn them and learn to prepare the questions in the job interview they can give you.

According to the number of participants we distinguish:

– Individual interview

– Panel interview

The applicant is interviewed successively by different people who belong to different areas and, therefore, you should know some of the questions in a group work interview. In this type of interview, it is quite frequent that there is a company psychologist.

According to the interview procedure we distinguish:

– Structured interview

The most static of all, since it is base on a series of predetermined questions that all applicants must answer to a particular position.

This questionnaire facilitates the unification of criteria and the assessment of the candidate; Visual Job Hire question is open-ended to allow the interviewer to cover new issues.

The Video Recording process covers a soft question and seven carefully selected in 3 different categories: Sales, Admin/Finance and High-Risk Jobs.

The length is 30 seconds for each question.

We recommend conducting a brief interview with the candidate to explain the Visual Job Hire APP – Self Video Recording process as a way to document the interview.

Leave the candidate alone to record the self-record video interview since this allows the interviewer to focus only on the answers: While helping to mitigate the candidate’s nervousness about the notes taken by the interviewer since he realizes that the formal nature of the questions. It allows the interviewer, by asking personal questions, to appear to be following an established rule instead of acting by his curiosity.

– Unstructured or free interview

Is one in which you work with open questions, without a pre-established order, acquiring conversation characteristics. This technique consists of asking questions according to the answers that arise during the interview.

Thus, unlike the structured interview, in this type of meeting the interviewer only has an approximate idea of what is going to be asked and is improvising the questions depending on the type and characteristics of the answers. In addition, the emphasis is placed more on the analysis of the impressions than on one of the facts.

The main drawback of this type of job interview is that, by not having a list of issues, areas of aptitude, knowledge or experience of the applicant can be overlooked, ignoring essential questions of the subject to address.

When this happens, the company does not benefit, because the information that may be of interest is lost. Also, there is no possibility to review the accuracy of the interviewer’s conclusions.

– Mixed interview

The mixed or semi-structured interview is one in which, as the name suggests, the interviewer displays a mixed strategy, alternating structured questions, and inevitable questions.

– Tension provocation interview

The interview of tension or provocation of anxiety is one in which modes and attitudes are used that aim to provoke tension in the candidate. The SELF Video Recording process in the “Visual Job Hire” APP will add stress and will allow real Emotions to emerge.

It is used mainly in interviews to cover those positions that must be performed under conditions of high tension. In these cases, the interviewer needs to know how the candidate reacts to the pressure element.

People with little emotional control often lose control so that cheating can be detected by asking the candidate thoroughly.

There are different methods of inducing stress situations to the job interview:

Video Recording the Interview as with Visual Job Hire – APP

Criticize the views of the applicant about some issues

Interrupt the interview

– Online Interview

There is also the online job interview where the Skype job interview or the WhatsApp job interview stand out.

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3.- How to do a perfect job interview?


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What to avoid in a job interview?

The job interview is part of the personnel selection process where it decided who the person who stays with the position is. Probably all the candidates who come to the interview meet a series of requirements that convince the company, so they are facing a privileged situation, and that is why it should not be missed.

For this, it is important to learn how to do a perfect job interview, with a series of guidelines and tips that we explain below.

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How to go dressed for a job interview?

The dress you use to go to a job interview is essential, but you should not forget that hygiene is even more critical. Clean nails and clean hair, as well as a pleasant smell, will be essential for any job interview, regardless of the position. Also, having good company information, and knowing your dress codes will help us make the right choice.

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Formal dress for a job interview

When the position to which we want to opt is a high position of some vital company, we must present ourselves to the interview with a suit and elegant shoes (to be able to be of dark colors and shoes accordingly).

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When to wear casual attire in job interviews

If the job for which we went to an interview, is a job where suits and ties are not the most usual, we must go with a more casual dress. Some examples could be the marketing, advertising or internet companies, among many others. In these cases, a casual but elegant dress is the most appropriate.

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What attitude should you have in a job interview?

The importance of the attitude in the job interview is essential to be successful and with real options to get us the desired job. But we should not always take the same approach, that is, sometimes they will look for determined people with the ability to lead and give people, and in other times they will want obedient and submissive people.

That is why, a reasonable investigation of the job, before the interview, as well as a correct perception of what the interviewer is looking for, will be vital to be able to adopt the right attitude in the job interview.

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How to answer in a job interview?

One of the keys to facing a successful job interview is a way to answer the questions you ask us. So, some tips can be:

Never respond with monosyllables, although it is essential to be clear and concise in our response.

We must be correct, not too severe or make us funny.

Never lose your calm or your ways, even if our interviewer tries.

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Look into the eyes and denote self-confidence.

We can also prepare for some typical questions of the selection process, such as questions of strengths and weaknesses in the job interview.

Being prepared for these questions will help us answer them with more confidence and security.

The best we can do is tell the truth, so it would not hurt to do self-criticism and find a defect that does not affect our workplace, or even if it affects, that does so in a positive way.

Of course, we will try to get out of the “I am too demanding with myself,” and be a little more original.

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How to highlight strengths in an interview

Before the questions mentioned above, we also can highlight our strengths, so we should not miss it. Let’s investigate what kind of qualities needed for the job we choose and find the one we do have to highlight it when the time comes. Do not leave anything to chance; there may be the use of your life at stake.

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What not to do in a job interview?

We must avoid these attitudes like: Being unpunctual: It will give us an image of irresponsible that will prevent us from being selected for employment.

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4.- References in the job interview

The interview is the last step in the job search process, and therefore, the most important. You must not forget it. Let’s say that you have sent the Resume and they have called you to conduct a personal interview.

It is very likely that the interviewers wait to know your references before making any offers. Having good references is a fundamental element to get good jobs, so do not neglect it. But let’s go in parts.

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What is a personal referral and what is it?

Referrals are documents where one person provides information about another, detailing their strengths and weaknesses or any other information that is relevant to the recipient, in this case, the interviewer.

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What should a referral contain?

In the first place, the person who refers must establish what relationship he has with you: where he or she knows you, for how long, how is the relationship. From this presentation, the person should explain what qualities he has seen in you that can make you eligible for the position. And it is expected that in the reference talk about your abilities, your level of responsibility and honesty, among other things.


When it comes to an employment reference, it is usually your ex-bosses (supervisors, employers) who detail what your skills are, how was your performance and what is your potential.

I just finished College, what referral can I have?

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5. Non-verbal language in job interviews:

They call you for a job interview and dedicate long hours to review your resume and prepare answers for possible questions you may have, but many times we forget another language to which we should assign the same preparation: non-verbal communication.

How do I greet my interviewer? What do I do with my hands during the interview? Do I cross my arms? Do I place them on the table? How do I move them when speaking? These simple gestures can subtract or add points in the personal interview.

Your gestures transmit as much as the answers you give to the interviewer, that’s why we give you the guidelines to get the non-verbal language to help you throughout the interview.

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The greeting is key.

If the greeting with your interviewer is a handshake, it is important not to be too weak, but do not squeeze too much. Remember that it is the first contact with him so that by shaking hands you must transmit confidence without intimidating the interviewer.

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Try to establish eye contact with the interviewer.

That to look at the eyes of the person interviewing you does not make you feel violent or uncomfortable, to avoid the look of the person with whom you speak denotes little transparency on your part.

If looking into the eyes is especially uncomfortable, you can try to fix your gaze on the space between the two eyebrows, where the nose begins. Your interviewer will not notice that you avoid his gaze.

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The first impression does count.

One of the issues that most headaches give candidates is what kind of clothes to choose for the interview. Clothing is essential for recruiters when it comes to leaning for one candidate or another. Choose something that is true to your style, but that adapts to the culture of the company. Investigate your dress code.

If you have time, a recommendation is to approach the place of the interview the day before the time of departure and observe how they dress the people who work in the company. It is recommended to use neutral colors and simple lines to give a positive first impression. Choose clothes that you feel comfortable with, as it will provide you with more confidence and confidence in yourself.

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Do not forget to smile.

From the moment the interviewer receives you, until the farewell, try to keep the smile. The smile will make you look kind, receptive, friendly and, above all, sure of yourself.

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Control your gestures

Try not to hide your hands under the table or under your legs to avoid moving too much and seem overactive. Crossing the arms in an interview is not a good idea, as it can make you look like an insecure, closed person and afraid of changes.

The most advisable thing is to support both hands on the table but without invading the space of the interlocutor, and that the gestures of the sides executed according to your words.

Above all remember that the naturalness and tranquility when answering questions is something that interviewers value, so try to channel your nonverbal language mainly to convey security and tranquility but without your gestures are exaggerated, or you notice that they are prepared.

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Visual SciTech EyePrepare your Answers and check your Emotions!!

Each interviewer has its way of knowing the aspirants, methods, and strategies to find out each one’s identity and choose the best one for the position.

However, from our Visual Job Hire APP, we can offer you a simple/guide with questions that asked more often, and that can serve as guidance.

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What are you going to ask me?

Sales Agents Questions

0. Tell us about yourself.

1. What are your strengths?

2. What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

3. Are you interested in managing or leading others? Why?

4. How do you feel about incentives, which are tied to performance?

5. What are your goals for two and five years?

6. How do you define success?

7. How do you feel about psychological tests?

Administrative & Finance Personnel

0. Tell us about yourself?

1. What do you know about our company?

2. What are your weaknesses?

3. How do you think your bosses would describe you, good and bad?

4. What do you value to have job satisfaction? Besides Money

5. Describe a difficult situation that you had to deal with?

6. How do you perform under stress?

7. Do you keep current in your field? How?

High-Risk Jobs

0. Tell us about your favorite movie?

1. Why do you want to work here?

2. Why should we hire you?

3. Why do you want to leave your current job?

4. Tell us about the worst boss you ever had.

5. How do you think your coworkers would describe you, both good and bad?

6. How do you feel about drug and polygraph tests?

7. Have you ever been fired? Explain the circumstances.

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Types of questions in the “Visual job Hire – APP” interview

Each job interview is different. During the job interview, the interviewer can ask a multitude of issues on a wide variety of topics. However, there are always some questions that repeated from one process to another, and that will help us to be prepared.

In general, we can group the questions of the job interview in several types:

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Personal questions:

These are general questions about hobbies and interests, often serve to break the ice and be accompanied by an informal chat.

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Experience questions:

They are questions oriented to know more about the previous experience and the tasks performed.

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Test questions:

Are those questions whose objective is to verify information (or lack of knowledge) contained in the curriculum vitae.

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Hypothetical questions:

Are questions of the type “what would you do if …?”. They serve to evaluate your reactions and your abilities to solve concrete problems.

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Attitude and personality questions:

These are questions that aimed at knowing better your attitude towards work and position.

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Skills or reinforcement questions:

If you request a position in which you work for the client, these types of questions will test your skills in that field and how you would handle a complaint.

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Technical questions:

Specific questions about the area of the job that offered. They serve to evaluate your real knowledge about the subject, not your opinions.

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Creative thinking questions:

These are questions that require using creative thinking to solve concrete problems. They can remember those test questions to calculate the IQ; only they are more difficult. At first, they can be quite disconcerting, especially if they are not expected.

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Definition questions:

Questions in which you ask about your points of view or your opinions about skills and techniques.

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Pressure questions:

The interviewer deliberately uses to evaluate your reaction to the pressures.

There are many types of questions for the interview; as we have seen previously, for each of these types, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects when responding during the job interview.

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