Job Interview Simulator with Visual Job Hire APP

Job Interview Simulator with Visual Job Hire APP


One of the most decisive moments when it comes to getting a job is the job interview.

First of all, you must be natural, but that does not mean there is room for improvisation. You have a single opportunity to show that you are the best candidate for the position.

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Job Interview Simulator


Visual Job Hire APP is the best option to record a Job Interview and analyze your own emotions, blinking and attention while costing you a minimum amount of money you will discover insights that can improve your performance significantly.

Have confidence in yourself when dealing with this challenge. You have obtained your job interview because there are aspects of your resume that have interested the employer.

To successfully face a job interview it is essential that you inform about the company and the position they offer you. Make sure to be punctual; take care of your image according to the work that you present; do not lie, it is often counterproductive.

Calm down and take your time to answer the questions; Avoid talking too much and focus your answer to the issue; do not criticize your previous positions and always maintain a positive attitude; Be careful with your language and treat the interviewer in the same way that he or she is handling you.

Visual SciTech EyeThese tips are excellent as an essential guide

However, we will talk about something more interactive, State of the Art and dynamic. Recording eight videos to real life job interview questions (1 soft & 7 real) that replicate an interview, asking you questions

Visual Job Hire APP works like an interview simulator. This simulator is the one I liked the most. It offers you the possibility of carrying out 24 questions in 3 session interviews based on real offers. Previously you must choose the profile of the candidate that best suits yours, and the APP will guide you step by step in the interview using the interactive video as support.

You will evaluate al looking at your video response if you think you are the “Best Candidate” with five options from Yes to No.

Lying Test Score, this simulator is based on the Video Job Interview and uses Lying Checkpoints a type of job position to which you submit your application. With this information, you will understand clear signs that you may be Lying.


Here you have this powerful tool to practice your job interview. I can only ask you if you find any other APP or system if you can share in the comments section of this post or do the same if you want to comment on what we propose.


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Do you practice your interview?

Do not leave this moment to chance, practice with experts or use Visual Job Hire APP, your job interview; we help you prepare with questions and critical answers, we work with verbal and non-verbal communication.

We advise you to give the best of you and get the desired position. When you have achieved a personal job interview or via Conference Call (Skype, What’s APP, etc.) it is your moment to obtain success, and that depends on the skills to perform correctly in an interview.

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Elements that you must include for your interview:

Create a general information sheet to understand your professional profile better.
According to the position you want to choose, prepare a type of job interview according to the three categories of Visual Job Hire APP.

As a result, in the Interpretation section, you will see the errors and successes in your interview.
Print and review the results of the interpretation of each question and the Score of the interview.
In case of doubt repeat the recorded interview until you feel safe.


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Finally the expected Results:


You will develop skills for successful job interviews.
Learn to correct your mistakes in the interviews, improving your performance
Increase your chances of being the selected candidate. It’s a matter of practice!





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