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We want to invite people related to the area of ​​Human Resources, responsible for the selection and hiring to participate as collaborators in the creation of articles that help improve the process and generate income from their knowledge and skills while helping others.

I.- The articles presented must have an in-depth knowledge that serves as a guide to understand, act and resolve the challenges in hiring personnel.

II. What do we need from writers?
Submit articles with a minimum of 1,000 words written using a structure similar to those already in www.VisualJobHire.com

Submit at least three articles in the course of a calendar year and a total of 5 to receive the royalties according to the terms and conditions.

III.- The source of income of www.VisualJobHire.com is the cost of the interpretation of microexpressions in the APP. The writer will receive the proportional part of the traffic generated by its contents at a 15% royalty rate.

email us: corporateo.visual-scitech@gmail.com

Hire APP - Writers

What the Writer will receive?

First of all, professional recognition for your colaborations and a monetary compensation for the impact of your articles!

Visual Intelligence in the Personnel Selection & Hiring process.

Attract and retain the best talent to your team!

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