Personnel Selection Tests

Learn about the most used personnel selection tests

Learn about the most used personnel selection tests

Personnel Selection Tests

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Companies can apply different techniques to select personnel, but some stand out from others

Personality Selection tests are perhaps the best known and feared, as workers tend to feel “naked” in front of recruiters.

Recruiters use various selection tests to get to know the employees well.

Sometimes, the skills of the resume are not enough to know the abilities and shortcomings of the candidates.

The important thing is to respond with clarity and sincerity to avoid generating distrust in the recruiters.

When choosing candidates for a position, companies can apply different resources.


The Human Resources specialists of the companies are:


In general, in charge of making these personnel selections and identifying the best candidates for each vacant position.

In a way, it can say that each job interview is unique and unrepeatable. Since there are no candidates who apply the same formulas correctly or recruiters who repeat their methods.

It is true that there are, on one side as well as on the other, many conventional techniques that are often repeated in the different selection processes.

Taken as guiding tips for both the selectors and the candidates; but in the end, they never apply in the same way.


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Personnel Selection Test

Despite the apparent differences, many companies use the so-called Personnel Selection Tests as a standard tool as a pre-selection step.

Sending candidates who identify as exciting for the available profile a written test that allows them to make a broader selection.

This method applied both for large company processes that require hundreds of workers and for small selections in which they want to be exhaustive and save recruiters time.

They do not have to face personal interviews with candidates who will not reach a reasonable level. Port in the company.


For the worker, the request for a written test before the personal interview can be somewhat uncommon, but at the same time, it is a significant advantage.

In a way, this can delineate the image you want to demonstrate, and thus present this proof in the way that is most convenient for you.

To do this, you must first know the different varieties that exist in these tests.




“Personnel Selection Tests” used by companies include:


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Skills test:

Focuses only on skills related to the position, discarding all other factors of interest that can then solved in face-to-face contact.

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Projective Test:

The idea of these is to predict the behavior of candidates, trying to reveal aspects of their personality indirectly.

In these cases, problematic situations, assumptions, and questions related to the feelings that are frequent and generate the work environment.

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Intellectual level test:

In this case, we seek to know exactly the level of general knowledge and knowledge at the intellectual level of candidates to identify the most updated and informed.

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Personality test:

They are perhaps the best known and most feared of all because workers tend to feel something “naked” in front of the reflective techniques of recruiters in this type of case.

The truth is that its purpose is not to identify psychopaths. But to discard those personality traits that are not compatible with the work in question.


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Human Analytics Test:

Emotions analysis is the new State-of-the-Art, and unique feature of Visual Job Hire APP to understand Candidates hid personality and include a “Lie Detection evaluation Score” based on Face & Eyes Expressions, Verbal Responses, Body Language Cues using Professional Interrogation Techniques.


Recruiters often use these tools, but that does not mean that workers can not use them as forms of preparation.

Knowing the characteristics of each type of Personnel Selection Tests. The candidate can prepare beforehand to face each one of them.

Thus, you must think, for example, of personal skills and aptitudes that reflect you as a qualified professional for the job in question. If you know that you must face a personality or skill test.

You should focus on keeping up-to-date with local news if you are waiting for the possibility of a cultural level test.






One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. Chinua Achebe

God tests and proves us by the common occurrences of life. It is the little things which reveal the chapters of the heart. Ellen G. White

Good tests can help teachers determine how their students are performing and identify the areas in which their students need assistance. Like an X-ray, however, tests can diagnose, but they cannot cure. Randi Weingarten

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