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The Perfect Job Candidate

The Perfect Job Candidate

What to do and don´t in a Job Interview!

The moment has come. You find yourself before the person or persons on whom it depends to rent you or not and you play the possible job in a single job interview. Do not waste it.

We recommend that you follow a series of basic tips and recommendations:


Visual SciTech EyePosture and Forms

First impressions are of great importance, so you should make a great first impression. several entrepreneurs consider that after having seen a candidate enter the door, observe the shape of shaking hands and sit down; they can decide on their worth


Visual SciTech EyeGreet the interviewer with a familiar formula.

Sit straight. Sitting on the edge of the chair denotes insecurity, and doing it loosely, disrespectful.


Visual SciTech EyeDo not be the first to reach out, wait for them to take the initiative.

Do not sit down until they do; Be attentive and friendly.

Avoid obtaining nervous and, if you do, avoid the gestures that show it (biting your nails, hitting your pen on the table, stirring in your seat)

Do not interrupt; However without intimidating; Let him take the initiative; Do not speak too much, or too little. In virtue, there is a virtue.



Visual SciTech EyeWatch your mouth

Do not:

A sin of aggressive or sensiblón;

Get too close to him;

Place your elbows on the interviewer’s table;

Cross your arms, it’s going to appear that you are on the defensive.


Visual SciTech EyeThe way to express your ideas,

Think what you are going to answer; Respond clearly and briefly;

Always tell the truth; If they ask you about yourself, emphasize your training, experience and the results of your previous jobs.

Do not:

Use elaborate words;

Respond in an evasive way, or with monosyllables;

Wait too long to answer, it looks like a distraction;

Sharp expressions “always, never”, or use “bout”, “this”, “good” …



Show enthusiasm for the position, but never beg; Never speak poorly of the companies in which you have worked.


Visual SciTech EyeDo not refuse to answer questions

If you have questions like: how do you go on a trip with your boyfriend, what do they ask for, one or two rooms?

Answer that in your opinion that matter is irrelevant to deduce your quality for the position you applied. Say it seriously but not aggressively.

These queries price your emotional management

Visual SciTech Eye

The Angle

Look and Think always positively; Do not ask for the position as if it were an alms; Never say that you like the work terribly; Do not criticize past businesspeople.

Visual SciTech Eye

The Interest

Ask questions, but without appearing prepotent; If you’ve got queries, raise regarding the promotion potentialities, the corporate or the duty; The economic problems area unit always thorny. Raise if you have doubts, however, do not appear to be your primary motivation; Always express your gratitude.


What NEVER do in a job interview

When facing a job interview, each person has his tricks, his strategies and his methods to achieve the best of himself. In principle, no written manual serves as an infallible guide to accomplish the perfect interview. However, there is a list of things that you should avoid at all costs if you do not want to spoil your opportunity.


Visual SciTech Eye


To be late. The lack of punctuality when you have not even begun to work already gives a bad image of you. It is advisable to arrive about 5 or 10 minutes before the time you are scheduled to, to avoid unforeseen events that make you come late.

Research how to get to the site, inform yourself before leaving.


Visual SciTech EyeIntroduce yourself poorly dressed or unfixed.

Present a polish image that will say a lot about you, so when you present yourself in an interview, keep in mind the copy of the company and get ready according to it. It is not mandatory to always wear a suit, this depends on each company, but it is essential to try to show a professional and reliable image.


Visual SciTech EyeNot having prepared the job interview.

Even if we do not know what they are going to ask us, we can prepare the most frequent questions in a job interview. It is a highly recommended previous exercise.


Visual SciTech EyeAccompanied.

Appearing in the interview accompanied by friends, parents, relatives, gives an image of little independence and initiative.


Avoid it


Visual SciTech EyeCause interruptions.

When you go to a job interview make sure you have turned off your mobile or cell phone, as it could sound in the middle of the conversation, causing an uncomfortable situation. Mentalize: at that time there is nothing more important than the interview.


Visual SciTech Eye

Show nerves, anxiety or stress.

While Body language also counts for the interviewer, so avoid any gesture that denotes your state of mind, especially if it is negative: biting your nails, stirring in your chair, tapping your pen, etc.


Visual SciTech Eye

Be aware of time.

Looking at the clock gives an image of anxiety and that you have more important things to do. Relax and be confident.


Visual SciTech Eye

Show reluctance, contempt or pessimism.

It does not matter that it is not what you expected or there are things that you do not agree with, try to be positive and see the right side of each situation. Smile and try to create empathy.


Visual SciTech Eye

Focus on the economic issue.

The job interview is not the right time to negotiate wages or salaries.

While focusing too much on the monetary aspect causes a bad image before the interviewer and can be counterproductive. If necessary, ask, but be discreet, do not look anxious.


Visual SciTech Eye

Be Polite.

Thank the company and the interviewer for the opportunity they provide, highlight the positive aspects and forget the reproaches.

Lying: You ask the question, what happens if I lie in a job interview ?.

Obviously, if you are caught you will be automatically discarded from the selection process. Therefore, it is not worth lying in the job interview.






I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, I am just being myself. Rebecca Loos


People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that. Eddie Huang


Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward. Drew Houston



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