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Select Diagnose option so “Candidate Self Video Record” a set of 8 Questions in the Evaluator smartphone.

The first question is used as a baseline to compare Emotions and the remaining 7 in the 3 Job categories (Sales, Admin/Finance & High-Risk Jobs).

Reprocess: In the remote case that one or more question is not correctly recorded and Interpret the system will ask to repeat it. Follow the guidelines carefully; you have up to 3 rounds to complete the process, Visual Job Hire has a 97% accuracy rate in the first round.

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Interpretation Module:

1.- Review & Score “Best Candidate,” use Blink & Emotions graphs as State-of-the-Art tools. Interview Videos stored for quick review.

2.- Lying Test Score based on Checkpoints (Hints)

3.- RESULT – Scores Summary.

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Question Interpretation Sample

Score “Best Candidate” at the Question Level by reviewing video responses and Emotions & Blink graphs

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Lying Test Score of the Candidate Session – Become a Human Lie Detector expert.

Videos direct observation by reviewing Deception Hints about Face & Eyes Expressions, Verbal Responses, Body Language Cues using Professional Interrogation Techniques.

Visual SciTech EyeHint Sample – Lying Checkpoints (ChP)

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Review Results, adjust perceptions and make up your mind!

Sample Interpretation: This seems to be a TOP Candidate by the Evaluator “Best Candidate” Score of 8.25/10.0 points BUT the Candidate Scored, “Very High” in the Lying Test with 88%. Careful validation of the candidate credentials, skills, and past jobs strongly suggested.

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Buy Sessions

Each APP comes pre-charged with one full FREE Session, you can buy volume sessions at discount prices, charge by the APP store in Local Currency.

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